Fees for 2020

The daily fee is $27.00 per day.     Equity child fee is $15.00 per day

Families have the option between Mon & Tues OR Thurs & Fri positions.

Wednesday’s are available for our non-equity three year olds and for those families requiring three consecutive days.

It is important to note that Wednesday’s, are charged at a different rate of $36 per day. Wednesday hours of access are 8.45am to 3pm.

Opening hours for 2020

Monday & Tuesday and Thursday & Friday

8.30am -4.00pm


8.45am to 3pm.

See our Enrolment page for further information.

What is an eligible child?
An eligible child is at least four years old, no later than 31st July 2019
What is an equity child?
Three and four year old children who are Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander.
Three and four year old children whose family holds a current Health Care Card.

 Fee information

  • Fees are payable even when a child is absent for sick days or family holidays taken during term time.
  • All fees are paid fortnightly on Fridays via internet direct debit system.
  • Preschool does not accept cash for fee payment.
  • The daily fee cost will be determined each year by the Executive Committee after all budgetary requirements are considered.

Please note. Fees are still charged whether your child attends or not (for example, due to illness). Fees will not be charged for school closure days.

Enrolment security deposit

A deposit of $100 is required with enrolment to maintain your children’s placement at the preschool. The deposit will be credited to your fee account and will be refunded at the conclusion of preschool attendance.

Association fee

A non-refundable association membership fee of $10 will be direct debited sometime between the first day of school and the annual general meeting. This fee is an annual membership fee and will therefore have to be paid for each year your child attends.