Frequently asked questions:

We have listed frequently asked questions to assist you. If your queries are still not answered, please feel free to Contact us 

Children are required to be three years and over to be accepted at Orana Preschool.

Children can be any age to go on the waitlist and once they turn three will be eligible for enrolment.

Children are required to be toilet trained, as we do not have changing facilities or staff ratios required for nappy changes.

Preschool positions are full day and are booked for the full year. Withdrawal from preschool can occur at anytime with two weeks notice.

Yes. In fact we encourage all families to come and have a look around the service to ensure Orana meets your families needs. You can speak to the staff members at anytime. COVID-19 is impacting our ability to welcome anyone at any time, please contact the service to make arrangements.

We are a PEANUT ALLERGY AWARE Preschool, this means NO peanuts are to be consumed on the premises. Please be aware of this as you prepare your child’s food for the day.

Children bring their own lunch and morning tea. We follow government guidelines on healthy eating.  Please refer to handbook for more information.