Sometime throughout the year, each child will have the opportunity to share something special from home with preschool. For the year 2017 we are asking our children to bring in a storybook that they enjoy at home to share and read with their preschool friends.

Each child will take home ‘Book-a-bag’, which is a special library bag that will keep their book safe while in transit. We ask that you allow your child to decide on a story they wish to share and think of a reason why it is special (however we appreciate your guidance to choose an appropriate story to be read to three to five year old’s at a group time).

This experience strengthens connections between home and preschool and allows the child to share something special with their preschool friends. It encourages great listening and comprehension skills and self-confidence as every child explains why they chose the story. We also hope to encourage a natural love and enjoyment of reading through this opportunity and that our program will be enriched through a further insight into children’s interests from home.